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Perencanaan Pembangunan Transportasi Kereta Api

01 September 2016

The mode of transportation is recognized as one of the safer and more efficient alternatives for passenger and freight transportation, especially those that use it for long distances or as a means of traveling regularly. This recognition is not excessive, because the train is relatively undisturbed by factors that hinder the smooth running of the journey, such as traffic jams or damaged roads.


Given the limited technical books in the field of railways, the presence of this book can be a reference for stakeholders and all parties involved in the field of railway transportation. This book provides a clear picture of how the role of good planning in building railways infrastructure and facilities is in order to improve safety in the operation of railways and how this transportation mode can continue to function as established technical standards.


Because the content is quite comprehensive, this book can also be used for other universities or education environments.

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