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Pembangunan Jalur Kereta Api Trans-Sulawesi

01 Agustus 2016

Connectivity is one of the keys to equity throughout the country. Indonesia is a country with relatively limited infrastructure facilities. However, in the past few years the Government of Indonesia has begun to build a variety of rail-based transportation infrastructure and facilities as an effort to smoothen the flow of goods and human transportation in the railway sector. One example is the commencement of the construction of the Trans-Sulawesi railway line.


The purpose of development is to expand access to important economic centers in Sulawesi which have still been problematic. Another hope is the existence of the trans-Sulawesi railway line, as was stated by the Governor of South Sulawesi Syahrul Yasin Limpo when it was able to have a vital social function, namely building a new civilization of the local community.


This book is an important presentation and documentation of the work processes in the railway project in eastern Indonesia. Because it is written by a figure who is directly involved in planning and development, this book has become more credible and significant as a source of data and material for the study of railway development. The publication of this book is part of an effort to provide important historical records to become research and learning material for those interested and interested in the development of railways.


Language: Bahasa Indonesia

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