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Keselamatan Fasilitas Operasi Kereta Api

01 Mei 2013

Rail transportation has been recognized as a safer and more efficient mode of transportation for transporting passengers and goods. railway safety factors are very important because they are related to the credibility and public accountability and the safety of the lives of the passengers.


This book describes in a comprehensive manner the technical standards of railroad operating facilities, namely the technical standards set by the government as regulators which are used as the basis for Railway Infrastructure Business Entities and other stakeholders in the construction of railway infrastructure. In addition, topics related to testing, maintenance and inspection of railroad operating facilities were also discussed. Not to mention the description of the construction of train operation facilities also found in hardcover printed books with 289 pages of exclusive art paper. The purpose of publishing this book is so that it can be used as a reference for the examiners and operators of railway infrastructure in an effort to improve the feasibility of railroad lines and buildings, as well as guiding the implementers of the construction of railroad operating facilities in the field.

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