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Jalur Ganda Lintas Utara Jawa, Percepatan & Manfaatnya

01 Januari 2015

On September 3, 2014 the double track railway crossing north of Java that connects the Jakarta-Cirebon-Semarang-Surabaya along the 727 kilometers is entirely operational. On August 10, 1867, the Semarang-Tanggung railway line, which became the first lane in Java for almost 25 kilometers, was officially opened to the public. It turned out that it took 150 years to increase the capacity of the Jakarta-Surabaya railroad from a single sepur to a double sepur. However, one thing that can be proven from the operation of the double lane is that the sons of Indonesia were able to build railway lines independently without the help of foreign workers by utilizing the widest local potential.


Under the supervision of the Chairman of the Coordinator for the Acceleration of Railway Development, Bambang Susantono, who was then Deputy Minister of Transportation, the assignment of the double track operation was submitted to the Directorate General (DG) of Railways. This assignment is not without problems. The land for the project location was not entirely released. Whereas the availability of land has always been a scourge and has the potential to be a cause of failure in national infrastructure projects.


The task of the state is the mandate that must be fulfilled. That is why Hermanto Dwiatmoko as the highest leader in the Directorate General of Railways at that time instructed the Head of the Work Unit (Kasatker) and his staff to continue to advance through the existing challenges. All types of technical and non-technical work including land acquisition are completed in the acceleration mechanism. Not easy indeed, and this is history. It is evident that the team in a professional manner is able to answer the challenge in just 1 year 8 months! Find interesting answers why this project can be completed on time in this 201-page book.

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