Three Problems with Integration of MRT Stations that Are Not Yet Abroad

06 April 2019

JAKARTA, - Various parties positively welcomed the operation of Jakarta's integrated highway (MRT) mode which has started commercially since Monday (1/4/2019). Not a few who are proud to align the Jakarta MRT with the MRT abroad.


However, MRT Jakarta still has PR in terms of integration with support access. The issue of integration is considered to be the difference between the MRT Jakarta and cities abroad. Following are three issues of integration with MRT stations that need to be addressed.


1. Mode of Transportation

Transportation observer from the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI), Darmaningtyas said that access to and from MRT stations to other points must be arranged in order to create comfortable integration for passengers. According to him, integration with Transjakarta and angkot buses is still very minimal. "Now the ups and downs are not so comfortable," Darmaningtyas said by telephone on Thursday (4/4/2019).


He said, the existence of JakLingko angkot is a good integration. However, the new JakLingko is integrated with one MRT station, namely Lebak Bulus Station, South Jakarta. "In fact, JakLingko already exists. This should be arranged, "he continued.


A handful of other MRT stations are visited by Transjakarta, such as Bundaran HI Station, Senayan, and Istora, but have not yet been integrated in the JakLingko bundling fee system so passengers need to pay twice. This was also conveyed by Amalia (22) who had several times boarded the MRT in Singapore. He said, one of the fundamental differences between Jakarta and Singapore lies in more difficult access.


"If in Singapore, the MRT goes down immediately and can get the bus to continue the trip," he explained. Such integration, Amalia continued, is needed so that the cost of travel can be more efficient. "If you don't continue the journey on the bus, you don't need a lot of time to get to your destination because you can walk everywhere," he concluded.



Illegal parking blocks special disability lanes under the Haji Nawi MRT Station, South Jakarta, on Thursday (4/4/2019). ( / VITORIO MANTALEAN)


2. Pedestrian Path

Sidewalks for pedestrians are important for MRT passengers who want to continue their journey to the nearest point. However, not all MRT stations are connected with pedestrian lines that are pedestrian-friendly. This was also complained of by Abdurrahman (25) who had tried the MRT system in China some time ago. "Right here, when you get off the MRT you still need to take an ojol (online motorcycle taxi). You want to walk, but the sidewalks are wide and comfortable, most only around HI (Hotel Indonesia) or Senayan, right, "he said.


He gave an example, the pedestrian lane at Lebak Bulus Station, which seemed sober. "During the road to the station (Lebak Bulus) there is no canopy or tree," he said. A number of residents who were met by around the Lebak Bulus MRT Station also expressed similar complaints, especially regarding the pedestrian route to the Park and Ride parking area which had minimal lighting and a canopy. To overcome this, Darmaningtyas considers the need for shuttle buses to and from Lebak Bulus Station.


The park and ride area in Lebak Bulus was filled with muddy puddles after rain poured on Monday (1/4/2019) night. ( / VITORIO MANTALEAN)


3. Parking Area

The existence of parking lots around the MRT station is only available at two points, namely Fatmawati and Lebak Bulus Stations. While the park and ride area at Fatmawati Station is still rather quiet, and at Lebak Bulus Station it is quite crowded. However, this parking lot is far enough away, about 300 meters from the station. So, the facilities available are minimal. Parking lots have not been paved, canopied, or equipped with sufficient lighting. Beyond that, practically the owners of private vehicles who want to ride the MRT need to turn their brains to find parking spaces.


"It is even more difficult for private car users who want to continue on the MRT," said Darmaningtyas. This has the potential to raise illegal parking activities around the MRT station. Under the Haji Nawi MRT Station, for example, wild parking activities were monitored occupying a special disability lane because a number of car parks lined the sidewalk on Thursday (4/4/2019). In fact, this line directly leads to escalators and elevators that are prioritized for persons with disabilities.


A parking attendant who declined to be named said that the area had been used to park vehicles for a long time. He said, the car parking rate was set at IDR 5,000, while the motorbike parking rate was IDR 3,000. "Crowded from this morning. Later until the new Magrib is loose," he said. Regarding whether or not, he guarantees that the vehicle will be safe in his hand. Meanwhile, Susanto, a security officer at Haji Nawi MRT Station, said parking activities were not permitted to obstruct a special disability lane.

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