Nine New Railway Lines Commencement in 2022

08 Juni 2021

There will be an addition of 9 railway lines nationwide for next year. This development has also been included in the work plan of the Directorate General of Transportation next year.


"The activity of increasing the length of the railway line to access the city, and increasing the traffic capacity with details of 9 tracks," said Director General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation Zulfikri Tuesday (6/8/2021).


He explained that the first line was the Lhoksumawe - Bireun railway in Aceh, which continued the Krueng Geukeuh - Paloh segment for 8 km. Furthermore, the Medan - Binjai elevated train is 6.8 km long, with a multi-year contract from 2022 to 2024.


"This (Medan - Binjai) is a priority in the RPJMN in the context of providing 6 mass transportation in 6 agglomeration areas," he said.

Then there is the construction of the Kiaracondong - Cicalengka Phase I double track railway for the Gedebage - Haurpugur segment for 13 km. With a multi-year contract from 2020 - 2022. The next stage is Kiaracondong - Gedebage & Haurpugur - Cicalengka 9 km, with a multi-year contract 2022 - 2024.

There is also a double track crossing Bogor - Sukabumi along the 26 kilometers, which has started work since the 2019 multi-year contract sampan 2022.

Zulfikri said the construction of the 3 km Elevated railway crossing the Solo Balapan - Kadipiro phase one will also be built next year, with a multi-year contract starting from 2022 to 2023.


As well as the construction of a 24-km double track railroad crossing Mojokerto, starting this year until 2023. Also the reactivation of the Semarang Tawang - Tanjung Mas railway line for 2 km.

In addition, there is also the construction of the Makassar - Parepare cross-road for the Marros - Baru section with a length of 59.6 km. which has been in the works since 2018. So that next year will be the last year to work on the first train project on the island of Sulawesi.


Source: Depan-ini-location


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