Engineering Challenges in Jabodebek LRT development

14 Oktober 2019

Jabodebek LRT structure located on the Ciliwung river was built by ADHI with a longspan or long span bridge structure. The development carried out is a challenge for the engineering team, how the development can proceed without disrupting the activities of the paths below.


For information, ADHI uses I Girder as one of the supporting components of the Jabodebek LRT concrete structure. Because I Girder has a special method of installation and needs to use heavy equipment, ADHI has to deal with the construction of a longspan with a crane that has a weight capacity of up to 750 tons.


This crane is placed on the side of the Ciliwung river or a self-service parking area. Crane was chosen because the "boom" can reach as far as 66 meters. Therefore an erection crane can deliver girders on the opposite side during an erection.


The selection of cranes has also been carefully thought out. ADHI has conducted a survey and calculated sliding river. This activity is carried out to determine the strength of the surrounding soil. So that it can prevent landslides and work accidents. This crane usage technique is quite efficient in minimizing damage to the Girder I structure.

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