Acehnese Residents Receive Compensation for Land for Railroad Development

13 Juni 2019

A total of 87 land owners who were affected by the Sungai Liput-Besitang railway development project have received compensation on Friday (05/31/2019) then. The payment process was carried out by the Aceh Tamiang District Land Procurement Committee, in the office of the Kejuruan Muda Sub-District. The chairman of the executive committee, Ramli, handed over the bank account book directly to the land owners. While the money will be transferred through their respective accounts.


The event was also attended by Maulizan, who served as Coordinator of Aceh Land Acquisition at the North Sumatra Railroad Engineering Office, Aceh Tamiang State Land Agency (BPN), Head of Aceh Tamiang Tapem Setdakab, Police Chief, and Danramil, Vocational Youth .


In total there were 98 landowners affected by the construction of the railroad in Pangkalan and Tanjung Mancang Villages, Juru Muda Subdistrict. The value of replacing the land reaches 19 billion rupiah originating from the state budget. "There are 2 people who were not present in the process of submitting bank account books and the remaining 9 people will receive payment after Eid after completing administrative requirements," Ramli said as quoted from the news on May 31, 2019.


Land that was officially released at the event included 47 plots in Tanjung Mancang village, 38 plots of land on the base. Whereas the 2 land parcels belonging to the company which were affected by the project were in the form of Business Use Rights (HGU) owned by PT. Jaya Village in Sungai Liput Village and HGU PTPN 1 in Simpang Kanan Village.


To build a railroad line with a width of 1067 mm of rail that penetrates a sub-district along the 5.8 kilometers, the committee requires a space of 30 meters wide. The lane plan itself is part of the Trans Sumatra railway that connects Banda Aceh to Bandar Lampung.

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