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Majalah Maska Edisi 5/ 2018

01 Maret 2018

Enthusiasm in Building INDONESIA LIGHTWEIGHT


Entering 2018, a number of projects for the construction of railway infrastructure have already begun to appear. Such as the light railroad construction project or LRT (Light Rail transit). The Palembang LRT and the Jakarta LRT that are being pursued by the target must be finished to be able to serve the Asian Games sports event held in two cities namely Jakarta and Palembang. Likewise, the Jakarta MRT project, which will arrive at the end of March, will come from Japan.


What about Jabodebek LRT (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi)? The construction of the Jabodebek LRT is targeted for completion by the beginning of 2019. The LRT is authorized by the Government to PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) as the operator. The Government through the Presidential Regulation has established 6 cross LRT services to be built that integrate the area in Jabodebek. Of the 6 crossings, 3 crossings began to be built as phase 1 namely Lintas Cawang-Cibubur, Cawang-Bekasi

Timur, and Cawang-Dukuh Atas.


The development of the Jabodebek LRT that we present in this edition of special coverage is interesting to know. There are a number of points that we present, including the LRT Jabodebek using a structure that is lean with U-Shape Girder, in contrast to other LRT projects. In addition, the signaling and electrical systems are designed using GoA-3 technology, which in the operation of the facilities will be without machinists. The electricity system also uses a third rail, so there are no upper flow poles and power cables. And other topics that will add insight and knowledge to the readers of MASKA Magazine.




This edition coincides with the largest international scale railway exhibition in ASEAN, namely Railwaytech Indonesia (The 2nd Indonesia International Railway Technology, Equipment, System & Service Exhibition 2018) and Indonesia Railway Conference 2018 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta on March 22-24 2018. This event was held in collaboration with GEM Indonesia with MASKA (Indonesian Railway Society). The hope is that with the exhibition, visitors and forum delegates from abroad are aware of the development of Indonesian railways, which are currently incessantly building infrastructure so that it is attractive for other countries to cooperate and invest in Indonesia and also use Indonesian railroad products.


Bravo Indonesian Railways!

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