Legislators Encourage PT. KAI to Add Railway Routes

03 Agustus 2018

"In my opinion, mass transportation such as trains must be more accessible. I recommend that the train route to be increased, so that the carrying capacity will be large, and the community does not use private vehicles such as motorbikes," said a member of the House of Representatives Commission VI Lili Asdjudiredja during a public hearing meeting ( RDP) with the ranks of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Secretariat in the DPR RI Building, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday (24/7/2018).


Lili explained, passenger car data in 2016 was 14 million units, while buses 2.5 million units, goods cars 7 million units, then motorbikes 105 million units, so the volume of vehicles would be quite large on the highway if mass transportation such as trains did not add travel routes.


"It was only in 2016. So that even if it was as good as any road arrangement that was carried out during the holiday season, it would certainly not reduce congestion because there were many people who chose to use private vehicles. This is what I think mass transportation such as trains must be more numerous," said the Golkar Party politician.



Source: Buletin Parlementaria No. 1018, Juli 2018.

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