KAI Commuter and PT INKA Agree to Sign the MoU for the Procurement of KRL

11 Mei 2022


PT INKA (Persero) and KAI Commuter held the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the procurement of Electric Rail Train (KRL), in Jakarta (9/5). The signing was carried out by the President Director of KAI Commuter, Roppiq Lutzfi Azhar with the President Director of PT INKA (Persero), Budi Noviantoro. The signing of this MoU was also witnessed by Deputy Minister II of the Indonesian Ministry of SOEs, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, Director of Railway Facilities at the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation Djarot Tri Wardhono, Director of IMATAP of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry R. Hendro Martono, and Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Didiek Hartantyo.



Deputy Minister II of the RI Ministry of SOEs, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, said that the world of Indonesian railways had undergone a transformation. This can be seen from the quality of service, in terms of timeliness, to security.


“We see that the Indonesian railway industry in the past 10 years has undergone a very extraordinary transformation. We can see from the quality of service, in terms of timeliness, safety, everything has improved well, and the community really appreciates the cooperation between the Director General of Railways at the Ministry of Transportation, PT KAI and PT INKA," Kartika explained.


According to him, our future railways will not only focus on service, safety and punctuality, but also on increasing adaptation of new technologies.



"We also continue to encourage freight and logistics trains that are being developed at KAI so that the trains do not only focus on passengers but also focus on logistics goods and the supply chain. We hope that with INKA entering this cluster, the supply chain of train production and maintenance in the future can be fully developed so that we can make technological leaps for technology transfer such as fast trains and technology integration together on the LRT," said Kartika.


With this agreement later, it is hoped that cooperation with Stadler will also start soon to start production at the PT INKA Banyuwangi factory.


"Yesterday we conveyed to Mr. Budi Noviantoro that the Banyuwangi factory will develop as well, the demand for electric buses is starting to increase, the production of electric buses can be in Banyuwangi because it is close to logistics, close to the port," he concluded.



President Director of PT INKA (Persero) Budi Noviantoro said that this MoU is a BUMN synergy with the scope of activities related to all preparations needed for the procurement of KRL by KAI Commuter and preparation of KRL production by PT INKA.


"KAI Commuter plans to procure 16 series of new KRL facilities with a composition of 12 trains each with the technical specifications required by the railway legislation. It is hoped that all preparations until the first delivery will be according to the estimated schedule in 2024," said Budi.


According to him, PT INKA (Persero) will also be committed to realizing this MoU according to the target of the KAI Commuter. The plan, apart from production, PT INKA (Persero) will also provide after-sales services such as the provision of component parts. This is a form of commitment in providing reliable domestic products made by the nation's children.



KAI President Director Didiek Hartantyo said that the signing of this MoU would serve as a joint guideline between KAI, in this case KAI Commuter, and INKA in preparing a good and comprehensive plan to procure the 16 series of KRL and based on Good Corporate Governance, including how to ensure that this procurement is complete. carried out with the right quality and on time. KAI sees that the optimism for economic recovery is extraordinary, where the increase in customers has been seen with occupancy at almost 100%. This shows that the public's enthusiasm for the need for public transportation is efficient, environmentally friendly, affordable, as well as orderly health protocols.


"In line with these conditions, the plan for the procurement of new KRL facilities which will be carried out by KAI Commuter and INKA later cannot be separated from the President's message how we build transportation that is efficient, environmentally friendly, affordable by the community, and taking into account the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) will be our standard going forward,” said Didiek.



KAI Commuter as the operator of the Jabodetabek KRL and Yogyakarta-Solo KRL in operating KRL services requires reliable facilities as the main capital for KAI Commuter in serving customers. With a target of 1.2 million users per day, of course, KAI Commuter requires reliable KRL facilities in carrying out its operations to meet this target.

"This MoU between KAI Commuter and PT INKA is expected to support the creation of KAI Commuter operation excellence which makes KRL transportation environmentally friendly and efficient," said the President Director of KAI Commuter, Roppiq Lutzfi Azhar. Through this MoU, it is hoped that the services that can be provided to KRL users will be better and the number of public transportation users will increase, concluded Roppiq.***

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