The Managing Director of TransJakarta Throws the Idea of Building the M-City Block Tram During a Meeting at the DPRD

11 Juni 2020

Jakarta - President Director of PT TransJakarta Sardjono Jhony Tjitrokusumo suggested to Commission B DKI Jakarta DPRD that Jakarta has a tram. Jhony said that he conveyed the idea during a hearing (RDP) with the Jakarta DPRD on Tuesday (9/6). He said that initially he was asked about his party's readiness to welcome new normal. He then explained, during this transition PSBB, passengers were more organized.


"Here's the story, right yesterday we were asked when we were at the RDP yesterday at Commission B. We were asked TransJakarta readiness for the transition PSBB. At that time we answered that the transition PSBB actually made us more organized," Jhony said when contacted on Thursday (06/11/2020 ).


Jhony then described, before one bus carrying passengers to the brim, now one bus only carries 30-40 passengers. "In the sense that it used to be one bus, now carry 30-40 people. Usually one bus, now the same number use two or three buses. Right," explained Jhony.


But Jhony questioned whether such conditions can survive in new normal conditions. This is where he throws the idea of ​​a tram.

"Well, so if later phase one of the transition period is finished entering the second phase, then we agree that it is new normal, meaning that such a pattern of life will be maintained with the number of passengers who will return to normal. Will we continue to maintain such sequential buses? of course it becomes inefficient, "he said.


"So yesterday I said this was just an idea, there were no studies, nothing, just thinking while passing through Commission B. I said if the corridor of Blok M-City we change trams, what should I do? I said so," he continued.


However, Jhony admitted that this was only a proposal. There has not been any study regarding the necessity of trams in Jakarta.

"If it is really needed by the community, then agreed upon, we can follow up on the dream. What kind of follow up? Yes, it becomes a study, it becomes a feasibility study, it becomes a financial study, and so on until we execute it later," he said.


Jhony said that the reason for the idea of ​​the tram idea to be in the corridor of Blok M-Kota was because there was a track, so there was no need for a long permit.


"Considering that there are already existing lines, it means we don't need to bother making new rules, just install the tramway and it can be used for two, buses can be used can be used by trams. But later if there is a tram, the bus doesn't have to, the bus is for another corridor or other needs, "he explained.


According to him, the replacement of buses with trams has many benefits. For example, low emissions because it uses electricity to carry more passengers.


"If for example it is needed, the study is declared feasible, we will execute it. We will make it more efficient with trams, will be much neater, power or battery power, do not use fossil fuels, lower emissions, more environmentally friendly, in the sense not noisy, "he said.


"One-time transportation can be up to 4-5 cars, so it is efficient. Instead we arrange so many buses, later if for example it is declared feasible, we use trams, Jakarta is more handsome," he continued.



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