Indonesia-Poland Build Cooperation in the Railway Sector

26 Oktober 2021

Indonesia and Poland deepen cooperation in the railway industry by bringing together business actors from the two countries engaged in these fields to realize the realization of concrete business agreements. A total of 10 companies from Indonesia and Poland participated in the Seminar on Bilateral Cooperation in the Railway Sector in Poland and Indonesia which was held on a hybrid basis on Tuesday (26/10/2021).


Polish Ambassador to Indonesia Beata Stoczy"ska said this activity was the initiation of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) in Jakarta. According to Stoczy"ska, the Polish railway sector has great potential along with a large-scale railway modernization program in 2015-2030 worth US$19 billion coming from a mix of EU financing and the Polish budget.


"Now is the time to take this cooperation further by creating a concrete business agreement," he said when opening the event.


With the modernization program, Poland has built more than 200 projects and modernized more than 9,000 km of railways. That figure is still half of the rails in Poland.


According to him, many Polish companies have successfully competed with partners in Europe and Asia by offering affordable prices. For this reason, Stoczy'ska admitted that he was ready to help Indonesia in providing technology to realize the dream of making trains a transportation option for the community.


"There is a potential synergy for the rail modernization program in Indonesia until 2030 which is worth US$19 billion. The Polish Embassy and PAIH are ready to help to achieve business connections," he said.


Previously, Indonesia had signed three MoUs in July 2021, between PAIH, the Indonesian Railways Society (MASKA), and the Polish Railway Chamber for the development of the railway industry. Several state-owned companies that participated in this event were PT LEN, PT INKA, PT Nindya Karya, PT Adhi Karya Tbk., PT Pindad. The players in the railway sector from Poland include Medcom, IHSYSTEMS, Pixel, Neel, and Lughlight.


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Author: Nindya Aldila
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